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Millionaire Mind Intensive Online Course Review | 6 Jars System

Last Updated on 2021-10-14

Ordinary people like you and me, have bills to pay month to month. In traditional value, a steady paycheck seems can keep us feel secure. Nowadays, most of us are middle class. We have a 9-5 job. However, we are like in auto-pilot mode in every aspect, including personal financial status. Awareness made me decide to make some changes. Therefore, I took many online/offline courses and MMO is one of those courses.

6 JARS Money Management System

The concept of the 6 jars system is that you have to “PAY YOURSELF FIRST”. What do I mean by that? Now, try to recall how you spend your monthly income recently. I believe that 80% of people will spend it on food, grocery, mortgage, gasoline… etc. After all those payments were deducted, the rest of it will be your savings for the month.
The spirit is that you ought to set up THE % of each jar. So when you receive your salary, you gotta divide it into 6 parts and put it in 6 jars.

▶️10% | Financial Freedom Account (FFA)
You MUST never ever ever ever touch the money in this account. This is your Golden Goose!! Once you stop working due to any reason, you can spend the “Dividends” from your Golden Goose. Ideally, this is your retirement account with F.I.R.E. 4% law.

▶️10% | Long Term Saving for Spending (LTSS)
In life, you will have all kinds of goals for a large amount of money spent. For instance, buy a nice car, get married, a down payment for a lovely house. You can set up more than 1 account for LTSS for goals.

▶️10% | Education (EDUC)
Warren Buffett: “Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make.” He also said, “I just sit in my office and read all day.” Therefore, you gotta educate yourself even after you graduated from school.

▶️55% | Necessity (NEC)
Things we need to buy. Like do the grocery shopping, get a haircut, buy a cup of Starbucks. Those kinda things take a big part in the proportion. In the beginning, you probably won’t get it right the very first time. So feel free to adjust according to your needs.

▶️10% | PLAY
Life is about balance. That’s why this PLAY account is extremely important. No human being can tolerate the long-term depressing in terms of money or any other things such as weight training. You ought to spend all the money in this account to relax from stress. Sure, you might not be able to spend all the money every month. But don’t accumulate the PLAY money longer than 3 months. Have fun!!

▶️5% | GIVE
It is more blessed to give than to receive. You probably hear that a lot. Take that into action. It doesn’t necessarily mean donating money to charity. You can spend your time volunteering. Teaching children, caring for the elder, anything you can think of.

Root And Result

The concept is that you’re what you think you are. No matter how hard you try to change the outside world(appearance) of yourself, it will reflect honestly what you believe in. It is like when you plant the seed, it would grow out as what you planted. Nothing more, nothing less.

Everything you do for a reason. If you tell yourself that you don’t have time for exercise, then you don’t. But be extremely honest with yourself, do you really DON’T have time for your health? Or you just don’t want to wake up at 6:30 in the morning and be responsible for your own heath?

The formula goes like this : Thoughts  => Feelings => Actions => Results


So how do we plant the seed deep inside?
Here’s how : “Fake it till you make it.” You gotta truly believe it from the inside out.
Put your hand on the chest and make declarations in a positive way.

  • I admire and model rich and successful people.
  • I believe money is important, money is freedom, and money makes life more enjoyable.
  • I put money into my financial freedom fund every day.
  • I always pay myself first.

You may think, this isn’t what I truly believe.

“Rich people are evil.”
“I would be evil too if I’m as rich as Jordan Belfort – The Wolf of Wall Street.” 
“Money can’t buy you happiness.” 
Above sounds whispered in your head and telling you to procrastinate. 

What Are Your Feelings About Money

Now, find a place that you can relax and there’s no one around to bother you.
Ask yourself this:
In Hollywood movies, people usually do bad things to get rich. Or pursue success (including fame and money) by taking any necessary means that are evil or despicable. They appear in nice dresses with beautiful faces in the movie but you were disgusted by their crime or wrongdoing.


At some level, it implies to our subconscious that money equals evil and dirty. Perhaps, that doesn’t come from the movies but from your parents. As long as you believe money is evil, you will never be rich even you’ve won a lottery. WHY? ‘Cause you think money is evil, so you want to get rid of it. The easy way to do that is to spend it all. Correct our mindset. And then we can move forward together from here.

“I deserve to be rich because I add value to other people’s lives.”

The Millionaire Mindset by T. Harv Eker

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