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I Love PDF – Convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, JPG, or The Other Way Around

Last Updated on 2021-09-23

In our daily work, we need to handle lots of PDF, WORD, EXCEL, and JPG files. Sometimes, it is not easy to deal with PDF files because it has the restrain of what users can and cannot do.

Today we’re gonna introduce this handy tool that can help us deal with PDF issues.

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I Love PDF

Merge PDF

Have you ever got many PDF files from multiple sources that you actually needed to make just ONE PDF and send it to others? Let’s merge !!

step 1

Click “Merge PDF” and you will see the button “Select PDF files”.

I love pdf_002

step 2

Click “Select PDF files” or open a folder and drag and drop those PDF files that you want to merge.

I love pdf_003

step 3

Click the “Merge PDF” button on the bottom-right corner and you will get what you wanted. Normally, the download will start automatically.

I love pdf_004

Split PDF

step 1

After you’ve selected the PDF file that you want to split, you will see the options you can choose from on the right-hand side. There are 4 ways that you can split a PDF file.

  1. Custom ranges : It’s like using the printer. You input the range from, say, page 1 to 30 and you’ll get a PDF that contain the original page 1-30.
  2. Fixed ranges : You need to input a number. Take 3 for example and the PDF will be split in files of 3 Pages.
  3. Extract all pages : Every selected page of this PDF file will be converted in one separated PDF file.
  4. Select pages : You also can only select the pages inconsecutive that you want to extract.  
I love pdf_005

step 2

There you go. Just click download and you’re good to go.

I love pdf_006

Convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel

The most irritating thing is that we can’t revise or copy(Ctrl+C) the PDF content unless we’ve bought the Adobe Acrobat DC monthly plan. Now, we can easily turn PDF files into Word, PowerPoint, or even Excel files.

step 1

Determine the file format that you want to convert PDF into by click on icons within the red rectangle.

I love pdf_007

step 2

This time, we demonstrate with Excel to examine “Is this really going to work like real excel files?”. Just like other functions, select or drag and drop the PDF on the website. And you can the BIG “Convert to EXCEL” button. Click that.

I love pdf_008

step 3

It will start converting PDF to EXCEL. We’ll need to wait a few minutes depends on how big is the PDF file we uploaded.

I love pdf_009

step 4

After it completes the process, we’ll see the download button. Click and download it.

I love pdf_010

step 5

Now we compare the original PDF file and converted EXCEL file to see the difference. You can see they are very much alike. And I can really use excel functions and formulas to edit that. It’s really a nice handy tool for us, don’t you think?

I love pdf_011

Other Functions

There are more convenient functionalities such as Convert PDF to JPG, JPG to PDF, and Edit PDF files. But the operations are very similar to the above functions. So I’ll leave it to you guys. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and let me know. Cheers = )

Qucki Recap :
1. Simply online web tool
2. No registration required
3. Over 8 functions to handle PDF files

If there is any question, please comment down below and let me know.
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